PTSD Doesn’t Stand a Chance

PTSD Doesn’t Stand a Chance

One thing that I tell myself every morning is the PTSD doesn’t stand a chance.  I remember when I was tired, exhausted, freezing and hungry all at the same time during my marine training.  Other people around me were ringing the bell (quitting) but I wasn’t.  I was stronger than that.  My raw mental WILL was made of IRON.  I was focused on one thing – Winning.  In this training winning meant surviving.  Those brutal months in combat training were some of the hardest months that I’ve ever had to endure.  I think that they are harder months than most people have to endure in their whole lifetime.

Remembering the hard parts of training reminds me that PTSD doesn’t stand a chance.  That I can do this.  That even when I have my worst days – I will persevere.


People often don’t understand what it’s like to deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on a regular basis.

Dealing with PTSD

Many people think that PTSD is just a crutch that veterans use because they don’t want to get back to real life.  But what most people don’t realize is that sometimes we just can’t help it.  Think about all the therapists that make a living talking to people about their problems… when in reality they don’t have REAL problems.  REAL problems are when you’re in a plane and an anti-aircraft missile comes crashing through your hull, your life flashes before your eyes and it’s a dud.

That’s something that therapy doesn’t really help.  So next time you think you’re having a bad day remember that I AM STRONGER THAN MY PTSD!

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