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Looking for photographs and information from families of the other members of the crew of B-17, plane #42-29773, shot down May 29, 1943 over St. Nazaire, France. Four survivors included Capt. John D. Hall, 1st Lt Willard S. Thomas, 2nd Lt. James W. Griffith, 2nd Lt. William J. Koves. The rest of the crew perished on this first mission of this crew. These included my uncle, S/Sgt Clarence E. Gallamore, Jr., S/Sgt Michael H. Belock (Rutland, VT), T/Sgt Frank A. Adrick (Chicago, IL), Sgt Robert G. Kuehl (Duluth, MN), Sgt Robert W. Vanderstraeten (Chicago, IL), S/Sgt George F. Hague (McKinney, TX). I am hoping to gather pictures of the crew for Willard Thomas, survivor and my friend. If you have any information, please contact me.
Nancy Gallamore Stewart at [email protected]

I’m looking for photos and information on Pilot 1st LT Don J. Gilliland of New York. He went to B-17 school in Florida and was assigned to the 36th Bomb Squadron that went to Alaska to bomb Japs on Kiska and Attu in the Aleutians. Had the B-17s taken away and put in B-24D’s in which he was shot down over Kiska by anti-aircraft fire on April 15, 1943. All the crew was lost. The 36th became part of the 11th Air Force, 28th Bombardment Group (Heavy). Need photos of Don and or his crew. Thanks, Jim Joyce at: [email protected] or pager 1-888-589-3418

I’m looking for information about my uncle. My uncle’s name was: WRIGHT  ELLIS GERKE. He was stationed in Chelveston, England. He was in the 366th Bomb Sq. 305th Bomb Group 40th Bomb Wing. He was the pilot. All got out but him when the plane went down. They were over Gulsenkertchen, Germany when the plane was shot down. I am looking for any information about the time he was in the service, stories about him and his crew members. I am also looking for information about LYLE A. “Brownie” BROWN. He was a turret gunner on a B-17 stationed in England. He served from1943 to 1945. Can anyone tell me what Bomb Sq. and Bomb Wing he was assigned? Any info about these 2 men would be appreciated. Sincerely yours, Christine Gerke-Bryant [email protected]

My grandfather, SS. Bernard James Rupp from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, was stationed in Thurleigh, England from 1942-1945. He went by the nickname “Bernie,” and was a waist gunner in his B-17, called the “Fightin’ Bitin’.” He was part of the 306th bomber group in the 8th airforce. If anyone could provide any information for me on my grandfather or on his unit, I would greatly appreciate it. Please email me at [email protected] Thank you Kate Moen 

Greetings! A friend of mine, John Asmussen, Tail Gunner on ‘Yankee Queen’ with the 97th BG in North Africa, called me up this evening and asked if I knew who the 8th AF Tail Gunner was who had 14 (John thinks it was between 10 and 14) confirmed kills.
I told him that I did not know, but that I’d bet someone did! John has not yet gone digital, so I would appreciate any responses either
being posted to the list, or to my email below — whatever suits your pleasure!
TIA and Keep ’em Flying! Douglas Gross [email protected]  FAX: 619-583-4608

I would like to contact 15th AF veteran’s from any bomb group who participated in the 4/13/44 mission to Budapest and Gyor and would be willing to share their memories with me. My uncle was KIA on this mission. Thanks. Jim Sprinkle Grapevine, TX
[email protected]

Captain Richard Henry Claeys was a US pilot in the Army Air Force from about 1942 to his death in 1946. Prior to 1942 he may have served in either the RAF or RCAF.  He definitely was a civilian pilot prior to the war. According to Arlington National Cemetery, he was a member of a C-47 crew which was shot down over Bled, Yugoslavia on either August 12 or 19, 1946. All crew members were killed in the crash. Their remains are interned in a common grave at Arlington. His serial number was 0-2045262. Captain Claeys was my father’s best friend growing up in St. Charles, IL. before the war. Dad named my brother for Captain Claeys. I am trying to track down as much information as possible about my brother’s namesake. Any help that your readership can provide will be greatly appreciated. With highest regards, Tom Watson [email protected]

I am very interested in finding someone who may have flown with my uncle in WWII. He was a pilot in the 97th
Bomb Group 414th Sqdrn. stationed at Foggia, Italy from Jan-Mar 1944. He was killed March 24, 1944 in a mid-air in which the tail section of his B-17 was cut free when the prop of the plane next to it got too close. I have already spoken with some of the survivors, notably the tail-gunner, Ken Foster, who managed to extricate himself from the free-floating tail section and parachuted to safety. Also John Yandura, the radioman, who was the last out of the plane. Ironically, Ken and John never flew with my uncle before that flight. What I am looking for is someone who may have known him, preferably other pilots, either in Foggia or in North Africa when he flew photo-recon.
in North Africa from November 42 to Dec. 43. I am named after him and I’m writing a book about his experiences. Anyone who may have known Capt. Fred A. Monthei, 97th BG, 414th Sqdrn. Please write to me. There are many unanswered questions concerning his short time as a B-17 pilot. My e-mail address is [email protected] Thank you. –Fred A. Monthei II

I’m looking for any info and or pictures from my Dad’s planes or time in the Army Air Corp . He flew in the 447th Bomb Group, 710th Squadron, 4th Combat wing, 3rd Division (Square K) on Tail. His first Plane #569, Second Plane # 069, Third Plane # ? This is the plane he was shot down in Germany in. My Dad’s name is William (Bill) Nicholas from Newark, NJ. After being shot down he spent 11/2 years in German POW camp, Stalag XVIIB. Thanks, His son Bill [email protected]
I am trying to obtain information about Raymond George Haug, born October 19th, 1927–died over Italy, July 6th 1944. –Ray was in class 44a and stationed with the 15th Air force, 5th wing, 2nd Group, 429th Squadron at Amendola Italy–He was shot down over Verona July 6th 1944.***He did his preflight at Maxwell Field, Alabama, He was was at Columbus AFB, Carlstrom Field, Arcadia Florida, Greenwood Mississippi, Sioux City Iowa and Kearney AFF ***I have Rays personal effects, school year books, military records, diary 
and uniform, flag etc.***I am writing a book about Ray and am trying to get in contact with men and women who knew Ray during his short lifetime***My name is John E. Salisbury, E mail is [email protected]***I will share information with anyone interested in the Army Air force during the period from Jan 1943 to July 1944 Address 19900 128th St. Box 911-Bristol WI. 53104 Phone 262-857-3402**fax 262-857-3502

I am looking for some men who were at a German POW camp in WWII. Laurence “Larry” D. O’Connor, Frank G. O’Connell, Edmund M. Hajduk, all at Stalag Luft IV and Robert G. Horst at Stalag Luft III. If anyone knows of their current whereabouts I would greatly appreciate it.
925-423-2126 Lori
From: Robin  [email protected]  I am the daughter of Albert J. Lucareli. He was stationed in England with
Hells Angels Bomb Group. I dont know much about that period of his life, or his experiences as he made a point of never speaking of them. When he died he left me with lots of wonderful photos of B 17s some taken out of the waste gunners door while in flight! I also have photos of some of his crewmember friends, and an english woman named Peggy Bridges. I would be interested in recieving information from anyone who knew him.
I am searching for information about my father, Dale Mertz, who was with the 303rd BG, 359th Squadron, during WW2. If anyone has any information about him, please contact me. Jonathan Mertz, PO Box 152, Richfield PA 17086 [email protected]
My father, Lt. David H. Harper, was a bombardier with the 325th squadron of the 92nd Bomb Group in May and June of 1944. He died in 1990. I am trying to get more information about his war experience, and would be very interested in corresponding with anyone (especially crewmates!) who may have known him during the war. – Ted Harper [email protected]
I am looking for information about the crew of Grin ‘n Bare It, 614th Bomb Squadron, 401st Bomb Group, 8th Air Force flying out of England. Crew members were: Lt. Estel Pilot, Lt. Hoyt Co-pilot, Tommy Possibly Lt. Hoyt, Art Navigator, John G., Pinkey, Ed Will, Hank
Gene Klingbiel Flight Engineer, Don Swope. Nose art was a nude blonde (front of her body toward the right arm of the jacket) sitting, leaning forward with her right leg raised a little. Of course, she is grinning. If you know where abouts of any of these men or have information I would appreciate you contacting me at [email protected]. My father-in-law Gene Klingbiel flew 34 of his 35 missions on this plane. Lt. Estel flew 35 missions in Grin ‘n Bare It.
Please can anyone help ??? I am working on research for a book about Lt. Jack W. Watson 303rd Bomb Group, (Buzzing the Yankee Stadium) I would like to hear from anyone who may have any information about him. Also I would like to hear from anyone who may know his Daughter Wendy who is living in Indianapolis, USA. Can anyone help me with any photographs of B-17 # 42-29524 ‘Meathound’, this was the aircraft Lt. Watson flew on his January 11th 1944 mission.
* * ***********************
Dear B17CC&W: My Uncle, Oscar Chaifetz, TSgt 32341678, died in a B17 over Bari,  Italy in 1943. His body was moved to NYCity and I have recently checked the  date of death on his tombstone = 16 July 1943. There is one surviving sister  and a bunch of nephews and nieces, of which I am one. How can I find the  Missing Air Crew Report and learn of survivors to whom I might get some  information? 
My Uncle was a radioman, if this is of anyhelp. Thank you. ART DUBOW, M.D.; STAMFORD, CT. [email protected]
I would like to hear from anyone in Holland who may be able to help with any information regarding the landing of bailed out
aircrew from Watson’s B-17 I am not sure if they landed close to the town of Monnickendam on January 11th 1944.
Any help with the above would be of great value to my project. Thanks.!!!! Michael Chevalier. [email protected]

My father was a tail gunner in the plane “ROUND TWIP RABBIT” He was with the 8th Air Force, stationed in England. He flew no less than twenty missions, mostly over Berlin> He was with the 447thBG, and received many medals of Honor including two Purple Hearts. I recently lost him, and dearly miss all of “our talks” about his beloved Flying Fortress, and his war stories. I’m only sorry that I didn’t record our talks for future generations. I have many photos of him and his crew members. Maybe some of you will recognize this information. His name was Melvin Clay Mealer, from Tennessee and I am his eldest of two daughters. I would love to hear from anyone that would like to share our fathers histories, not to mention our beautiful country that they fought and sometimes died for. E-mail me at: [email protected]  God Bless. My name is Mercedes.
I’m trying to locate anyone that may have known my uncle or flown with him. I heard that he may have gone to England and joined the air corps there because he was under age. He flew as a crewmember of a B-17. His name was Jim Green, hometown was Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan, but was probably listed as Detroit. He has passed away and I would like to know more about him and his experiences. I would appreciate any info, thanks [email protected]
I am looking for information on my grandfather who died in 1943. His name was Harold E. Crispin 
96th B.G. 338th Squadron. If anyone knew him please email me! Thank You! Jeff Crispin [email protected]
Thank you, for building and maintaining a great web site! I am trying to find out if anyone has information about the pilot of a B-17G who was shot down in Germany on 22 Feb. ’44. The plane was “BOSTON BOMBSHELL”, S/N 239898 and it crash landed near the village of Freckenhorst, Germany. My late father was right waist gunner on that plane. He and seven others walked away from the crash site. The two crewmen who were KIA were buried with honors by the Germans near the crash site. After the war, my dad stayed in touch with most of the crew, but lost contact with the pilot, William Dean Wood, of Pleasureville, KY. The last known contact with Lt. Wood was with the crews’ navigator, Marvin Anderson in the late ’80s. At that time Wood advised Anderson that he was moving to California to be with his children. I would like to know if Wood, who used his middle name, Dean, is still alive. M. Anderson is the only other crewman from that plane still living and I have been in regular contact with him. I am researching for a book about my father’s wartime experiences and would like to talk to Lt. Wood if he is still alive. Any assistance will be appreciated. Keep ’em flying, Jim Purton   [email protected]
My grandpa, Vern Iverson, was the pilot for the “Mischief Maker” in W.W.II and flew with the 339th squadron of the 96th Bomb Group. He died My 22 due  to complications in surgery. As he didn’t talk much about what he did I’ve   been hoping to find more on the Internet. If you have any suggestions of   places to check out, stories, etc., I’d love to hear from you. I do know  that he once barrel-rolled a B-17, was the first person, below the rank of  general, to be assigned to the US Strategic and Tactical Air Force  headquarters and received the Distinguished Flying Cross, a Bronze star,  W.W.II Victory medal, and an American Defense Service Medal. Any information  or ideas would be greatly appreciated. [email protected]
Has anyone ever heard of a B-17 called sleepy Time Gal. It was assigned to the 385th Bomb Group / 550th Bomb Squadron. I met an older gentleman who said  he flew numerous missions (30) on this plane and I wanted to surprise him  with some Information on his plane or crew members if their is anyone left. I 
don’t think he kept in touch with anyone since the war. Thanks [email protected]
I flew as a flight engineer on the B-17B, Cs, aD, Es, and Fs in Panama, Guatemala and Australia with the 6th BG, 19th BG,& the 43BG, the last two groups were in the SWPA from June 1942 til June 1943. I have the numbers of the planes that I flew in on combat missions and am trying to find the nose art and names of same, also would like to find out what happen to these planes after the war? Thanks, Frank [email protected]
Henry Morris Jr. would like information on his father, Henry Morris Sr., 96th Sgdn. TTG aboard “expectant” shot down around 14th June, 1944. Henry Sr. ws killed in the crash. Pilot Bud Ubins named the plane due to Pregnacy of Henry Sr.’s wife being pregnant. Henry Jr. never met his dad. Please contact Michael Henning (wife Ginger is Grand Daughter of Henry Sr.)
7171 Gaston Ave. #1119, Dallas Texas 75214 – Tel. 214-367-8503 [email protected]

William H. Holcomb, Co-Pilot. Killed in B-17 crash on takeoff at Bovingdon, England. All hands lost.
“For many years our family has wondered [about] the crash. [Would like] contact with anyone who might have been there … that might know something … about my uncle Bill… Military records were destroyed in a fire … many years ago.” Please contact John H. Taylor (nephew) [email protected]
Harter B. Hull, 487th BG, Lavenharn, England. Awarded Air Medal with five oak leaf clusters. B- 17 aircrew. “I was put up for adoption at birth… My father was Harter B. Hull. It was quite moving when I saw a picture of him … it was like looking into a mirror. I would love to be put in contact with someone … who could share a little history with me.”
Mike Doiron; (613)797-3476 [email protected]
John Luca, 15th AF, 2nd Bomb Wing, R/O Waist Gunner, B-17 “ROUNDTRIP” Foggia, Italy. 1944-45.
“I’m looking for anyone who may have known him … stories, missions, etc. Thank you so much.
Michael Luca … Proud Son.” [email protected]
My name is (Grady) Steve Dover. I had two uncles who were KIA flying B-17s. I have found info on one, Grady Dover of 390 BG. I am looking for anyone who may have known him. I am also looking for any information about Loris Dover. They were both from Shelby, North Carolina. I would love to hear from anyone who knows anything about them. Contact me at: [email protected]
Hi: I just viewed your great web page and it prompted me to e-mail you on the hopes that you might point me in the direction I need to go. I am trying to gather information on a realitive that was a B-17 pilot during WWII in Europe. He was shot down in 1943; and somehow I get the feeling that it was during one of the runs on the target Schweinfurt or somewhere in that area. ALL of his crew came back except him. No one EVER KNEW what happened to him! How can I TRY to find out something on him;such as missions flown,name of aircraft and of course, the name of the mission he went down on. Maybe some of his crew is still out there somewhere! His name was 1st/LT. Clyde Baughar. I look forward to hearing from you and hearing about ANY AVENUES I might pursue. Thanks.   Dean
.I am sorry to say that I do not have a lot more information to give to you. I do know that he arrived in England in feb. 1943 and was not there too long before he went down. I do however have the list of his crew. Sgt. Sandy Pratengi; Sgt. Carter Lunsford; Sgt. Stephen Russell; Sgt. Dick Chin; Pfc. Albert Redwine; Sgt. Walley Beach; Lt. Larry Lee; Lt. Paul Fabin, and Lt. Elmer Schwanskl. I do not know if this will be enough info for you, but like I said; it’s all that I have.  I can be contacted on this e-mail address [email protected]
I would like to know if anyone has any information on the “Silver Slipper”? Reply to [email protected]
483rd Bomb Group, 816 Bomb Squadron, 15th AAF, Italy – looking for information on Harry Gordon McCurry, a B-17 pilot. Would like info on aircraft and crew, and correspond with anyone who knew him. Bill Gray. Call  toll-free 888-295-6046, or E-Mail to [email protected]
We are looking for the final resting place of Cpl Earl Glancy, who died on a raid over Munich in April 1945. The story of this mission is documented on our website http://www.388th.freeserve.co.uk/exhibits.htm   If anybody can help us with this story, please contact the 388th Collection at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.
It’s quite a longshot, but any crew members of John Czuleger, B-17 radio operator, can contact me, his nephew, at [email protected]   John is living in Redondo Beach, CA. A photo of the crew is at
http://www.best.com/~shooter/htmls/b17.html Thanks, Dan Sweeney

Can some veteran tell me more or has pictures of the crews wicht bombed our city coevorden in 1944. 21-2 14:45
Are there pictures of the bombing area from the sight of the plane?  It was in the days of bombing Nijmegen etc.
Our city was a target of opportunity, a factory that made stuff for the germans. The B17s where stationed in England in those days. Look for a memory stone at the wall of the factory at http://www.coevorden.nl
My english is not perfect, sorry.
Bé van der Weide
Pastoor Slosserstraat 9
7741 PE Coevorden


I am trying to find info on uncle Bob. I would certainly appreciate help finding more history.
Thank you, Pat Berger (past USAF flight engineer, recips) [email protected]

I am looking for anybody who flew (or may know how to contact anyone) with the 96th BG or 322nd BG from Andrewsfield Air Field, UK, during the summer of 1943. These people may have had contact with a resident Civilian Contractor working on the Base who’s name was Harry (Also know as Bunny) Crowther. Any ideas on where else to look would be greatly appreciated. [email protected]

My father served with the 487th B.G. 838th squadron  His name is Denys Hemen and he was a tail gunner. we are looking for info. on any of the following people from his squad.:John Bierman, Valentine Buckingham, co pilot, St. Martin, Lt Miller, Sawicki, Hewit, and Taylor.Do not know if spelling is correct. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks for great resource. Jean Sweat at [email protected]
My father, Frank Alioto, gave me a diary type book before he died a few months ago. In it was a beautifully written 2 page poem by this Donald J. Vandervelden, from Camas,Washington. Since we got the computer, I took it upon myself to locate the family of this man – If it were my father’s poem I would appreciate the same. All I can really do is give you some info on Dad.Staff Sargent, Air Corps Gunner, Shot down from a B-17 over Holland on Feb.4,1944. 96th Bombers Group, 337th Bomb Squad.From looking thru Dad’s papers, and I have a feeling this is somehow confusing: He became a prisoner 1; Frankfurth on Main 2; Stalag Luft 6, East Prussia 3; Stalag 357-Fallingbostle, Germany at one of these 2 he was at for a year nearly, so I think that’s where the book’s from 4;’ Stalag Luft 4. I also know that Dad was in the Black March. He was released when everyone else was. That’s about all I have. I’ve sent postcards to any Vandervelden in or near Camas, WA with no luck (emails too) My email: [email protected]   Thank you Wendy Ruhland