B-17 Combat Crewmen & Wingmen

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1. Classic American Aircraft: (a) B-17 — This cover is temporarily not available. Check back frequently, as we will have a very few available with the signatures of 3 pilots of this aircraft, and many other B-17 Combat Veterans. The new cover will be a real collectors item!

2. Other Classic Aircraft offers: (a) Piper Cub in combo with .40 William Piper airmail. $7 each. (b) Jenny in combo with .25 Jenny delivering mail. $7 each. (NOTE: a and b have hand colored cachets) (c) Cub, Jenny, Alpha, Vega, B-10, Peashooter, Staggerwing, Bee Gee, Stearman, Tri-Motor All with Hand Colored Cachets. $5 each. (d) SPECIAL F4U FDC autographed by Ken Walsh, Jim Sweet and Jeff DeBlanc, all Cousair aces and Medal of Honor recipients. Also autographed by Bruce Porter, who was an Ace in Cousairs and Hellcats! Very Few Remain $75 each

3. 50th Ann of Hiroshima. Cancelled on 6 Aug 1995, pictorial cancel of Enola Gay. Each cover is autographed by Pilot (Paul Tibbets), Bombardier (Tom Ferebee), Navigator (Dutch Van Kirk), and Radio Operator (Dick Nelson)–Tail Gunner has passed on. Numbered edition: Each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, and is a beautiful piece of history to hold in your hand. $200 each.

4. WOW!! 50th Ann. of Iwo Jima, 23 Feb 95. AUTOGRAPHED BY CPL CHARLES LINDBERG, LAST SURVIVING IWO JIMA FLAG RAISER! Also autographed by Col. William barber, Silver Star and Iwo and Medal of Honor in Korea! Numbered edition $50.00 each

5. 85th Ann. of Naval Aviation, 6 Sep 96. Autographed by F6F Ace “Zeke” Cormier. “Zeke” was one of the first commanders of the “Blue Angels” and was the CAG on the USS Shangri-La in the mid-50’s. Cachet and cancel mark dedication of Aircraft Carrier Memorial on San Diego Bay. Naval Aviation stamp. $15 each.

6. 18 Sep 1997 “Unofficial” Cancel for 50th Ann of USAF. This cover is temporarily not available. Check back frequently as we will be offering it with numerous autographs from Aces and Combat Veterans on each cover. All covers will be autographed by AT LEAST “10” Aces, including Gabby Gabreski!

7. 14 Oct 1997 Official FDOI cancel for the 50th Ann of Chuck Yeager’s flight in the Bell X- I that marked man’s first successful attempt to break the sound barrier. Combo with C-49. Hand Colored Cachet. $7 each