Open to all of those who flew, serviced, built, or just admired the greatest bomber of World War II. Here is your chance to renew your acquaintance. The B-17 COMBAT CREWMEN & WINGMEN was founded in 1972 at South Gate, California, and was set up as a non-profit, tax free organization chartered by the State of California. Our board members consist of some of the founding members. Membership is not limited to B-17 crew members only. We have both Crewmen and Wingmen. Crewmen are those who actually flew, or served on the B-17 as a crew member, or serviced, or were a part of a Bomb Group. The Wingmen category is made up of interested men, or women, who want to be a part of an organization whose purpose is to perpetuate the memory of the Flying Fortress and her crews. We encourage our members to take an active part in their own individual Bomb Group Associations, and, in many cases, we can provide them with information to make such contact possible. We are not competing with Bomb Group Associations for their members, we are a true composite group made up of members from a cross section of the

Bomb Groups. We also strongly urge our members to join with and be a part of their own Air Force Associations, such as the 8th Air Force Historical Society or the 15th Air Force Association.

We ordinarily meet on the third Sunday each month to handle the business of the group and to get together for camaraderie. This is usually followed by a program of a film or speaker, with the ladies serving refreshments at the breaks. We also publish a newsletter, trying to bring points of interest to our members and readers. We welcome out of area members who, though cannot attend our meetings, keep in touch through our newsletter.

Our dues schedule is as follows:

$15.00 per year (25.00 Foreign), payable by the calendar year January 1 to December 31. If a member joins after November 1, his dues will be applied to the following year. Won’t you join us? Please fill out the printed application, or copy of same. If you were a crewman, give us the information of your Bomb Group unit. Be sure we get your proper mailing address to insure your getting our newsletter. If you were not associated with a Bomb Group, mark your application ‘Wingman’. Mail application with your annual dues to address

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